We are recruiting
We are recruiting
written by Athisy at 19. January 2014 - 22:090 comments
myeLex wants you!

Yes, that's right, myeLex is recruiting.
We do currently have these positions available, and we are interested in hearing from you:

- Forum Mod
- News writer
- Streamer

Team wise we are currently looking for serious teams to represent myeLex*

*Serious doesn't mean you should be the best of the best, however we do require you to be active, have a stable roster and willing to put effort into it.

- League of Legends (1st. Team)
- Starcraft II (1st. Team)
- Smite (1st. Team)
- Trackmania (1st. Team)
- FIFA (1st. Team)

If you have any other game suggestions that you want to play seriously, and want a community to support, feel free to send us an application, where you state the game and why we should look into it. You can contact us through the contact tab. We do take every suggestion seriously.

But more importantly myeLex is a gaming/eSport community, so if you are just looking to join and be part of an up and coming community and have fun playing your favourite game, then by all means join us and let's make it big together.
Just write to us about what you imagine you will find in myeLex and what you are searching for.
So far we're planning to have a core community for the following games:

- League of Legends
- Smite
- Starcraft II
- Dota 2
- Counter Strike Global Offensive

These games are only to start off with, and if you don't see your favourite game on the list then feel free to let us know and we will look into it, as we are sure there are others who are your passion for that game.

We are looking forward to hear from you and hope that you enjoy your stay at the myeLex community.

- myeLex Management
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