The relaunch of myeLex
The relaunch of myeLex
written by SplizZ at 26. August 2015 - 05:180 comments
Hello fellow gamers!

It have been awhile since there was some activity here in myeLex, but hopefully that will be changed soon.

Last time we gave myeLex a try it went well for a few months, but the some personal things came in the way for some people here in our management.

We have been thinking alot about what we should do with myeLex and how the future looks for it, and we decided that we spent to much money on this so we are going to get it back up. Only this time we will give 110% to make this work!

So what's going to happend now?
Well at the moment we have some thing we want to get done before we get it all going, But there are some things that are done. For example we now got a shirt design and we are planning to print our first shirts in some time soon. Other things that's new are some stream overlays and some other design things.

With this said i hope we will get the support we want and that you people help us become a great community for those who love Esport just as much as we do.

If you want to see new desings and other fun stuff check out our Facebook:

Teamspeak 3:

-myeLex Management
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